Post COVID Plan... same as before!!

We have always only allowed small groups within our events. It took COVID to force everyone else to recognize, a personal connection in small groups is the best way to host an event.

It seems the world has finally come around to recognize the value of the personal connection, and it took COVID to make it happen. We've all spent over a year, on ZOOM calls, socially distant, sequestered in our own homes... looking for... desiring and needing that personal one on one connection. 

ChurchJobFairs has never allowed large groups of job seekers into any of our events, we've brought them in intentionally in small groups to insure the personal connection is made. The crowd must wait outside, give them time to practice their personal pitch, think about who they will speak to first and prepare their smile. 

As we get back later this year, let's be safe.. but with purpose, we want to allow for connection and invitation by both employer and church host.