Employer Focused Social Media Posts

Social Media posts about your specific positions and how best to meet your requirements.  Feature your opportunities before they enter our event.


How do you insure job seekers know who is at your event? 

Most job seekers pre register providing email and mobile #. We remind a few days prior and again the day of event with the current list of employers and links to employers' career page. 

How do we participate in the Social Media Posts?  

  • Job seekers want to know who is attending and what requirements they need, and what you have to offer.  Our SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS promote your attendance and gives steps to apply before even attending.   Promote your organization. $150.00
  • How do we participate in the Pre Promotion Church Bulletin Flyer? What is it?  Size 8.5"x 5.5"
    Each church promotes their event with a minimum of flyers inserted at least 3 weeks before their event in their church bulletin and then distributed to job centers, colleges, high schools, veteran offices and other local resources.  Your organization may place your opportunity on the back side of those flyers. Set interviews up weeks before the event. They are sold in 1000 flyer packs.