Referrals, All for One and One for All

Have you ever heard of the oxpecker? This African bird is small, brown, and fairly unremarkable. In fact, the only reason you may have heard of it has to do with the special relationship it has with two of Africa’s more popular residents: zebras and rhinos.


Rather than finding sustenance from seeds or worms, oxpeckers like to eat bugs and parasites on the hides of rhinos and zebras!  This relationship is an example of symbiotic mutualism, a partnership that offers equal give and take for both sides. The mammals get rid of the nasty, disease-ridden pests and the oxpecker gets a safe place to munch.


At Church Job Fairs, we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we work with, including our employers. Our events wouldn’t be possible without our recruiter's support, so we want to create a relationship of symbiotic mutualism with all of our employers to create the best events for everyone involved.

To develop this relationship, we have created several questions that will help us find the best job seekers for your company and help you find the best employers for our events. 


For instance, for our employers, we provide cards for easy referrals. Or you can provide the referral right here. 

At your next non-Church Job Fairs event, you can find the ideal candidates for our events by using the following information:

1. How would I spot your ideal employer candidate? 

They are likely at a job fair, standing in their booth next to you, also recruiting face-to-face.
2. How do I describe your unique benefits, approach, product, service or value proposition? 

Church Job Fairs is in NEW locations, meeting NEW job seekers. We’re not in the same hotels, meeting the same job seekers over and over again. Our cards are full of information about our organization and events, so just hand one over and make sure your referral information is legible on the back. (OR.. Ask for their card, and enter them in our system, that will really amaze them!)

3. What does a prospect say to trigger me to know they need to be referred to you? 

If you hear any form of the question “Do you go to any other job fairs?" then you have found an ideal candidate.
4. What is your marketing process once you've receive a referral? 

Church Job Fairs has a "$50. Thank you gift" we will present to you and to the person you referred. 



But that’s not where this process ends. We also want to help you.

We see hundreds of job seekers at every event, but we also meet them between career fairs, at networking events, and at churches. These individuals provide us with resumes and ask for help looking for quality work, but we often don’t know how to connect them with ideal employers.

We want to change this, so we’re asking for your help. Leave us a comment below with your answers to these questions and we will do our best to direct your ideal candidates to you.


1. How would I spot your ideal employee candidate?
2. How do I describe your unique benefits, approach, product, service or value proposition?
3. What does a prospect say to trigger me to know they need to be referred to you?
4. What is your process once you've receive a referral, how will you contact them?


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Gerhard Kramer is Founder of Church Job Fairs. A Nonprofit offering the dignity of employment by connecting job candidates and employers in empowering local community environments.

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