Best Job Fair By Far, hear it for yourself!

The Best Job Fair By Far



Mike Bostock, Director for the California Technical Academy, is thoroughly impressed with Church Job Fairs. “Lots of people out front, lots of people inside, lots of employers,” declared Bostock. When asked if he would attend the next ten events hosted by Church Job Fairs, Bostock smiled and replied, “We’ll be at every one of them.” This has remained true for now over 4 years.  Bostock went on to say, " the thing that surprised me the most was the quality of the people coming through the fair as well as the age variation." He described the crowd as “young to old, people that are unemployed, people that are employed.” Bostock also thought the blend of people he saw at the fair was a nice balance of many different types of job seekers, such as veterans, professionals, and people who are trying to get training to get into the workforce.

One other thing that surprised Mike Bostock was the number of companies represented at the job fair who were actively seeking out new employees.

Church Job Fairs are different from regular job fairs in that they are hosted by churches actively seeking ways to affect their communities in a positive, safe, and practical manner. Unlike job fairs hosted on college campuses that attract only college-age job seekers, Church Job Fairs reach out to an entire community, consequently attracting a diverse group of job candidates. It is a quality event aimed at bringing hope and encouragement to job seekers that need those things the most. For Mike Bostock, the quality of the event and the diversity of the attendees make it the best job fair by far.

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Gerhard Kramer is Founder of Church Job Fairs. A Nonprofit offering the dignity of employment by connecting job candidates and employers in empowering local community environments.

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