The Affects of Under Employed MEN 25-54 Years Old on Today's Society

The unemployment numbers being touted by the media don't tell the entire story.  Recently, a new look at unemployment in the United States reveals a serious issue...

The unemployment numbers being touted by the media don't tell the entire story.  Recently, a new look at unemployment in the United States reveals a serious issue: there are around 7 million men in this country, ages 25 to 54, that aren't working and aren't even considered unemployed. Why aren't they considered unemployed? Because they aren't looking for jobs any more. They've just given up. What exactly are these men doing? Some of them are going to school to attempt to better their circumstances. However, most of them are sitting at home, watching television, playing video games, involved in social media. 

Some of them are living with girlfriends, some are living at home with mom and dad. Some of them are receiving government assistance. All of them are not working enough to support themselves. According to Michael Cook of, these 7 million American men only spend about 43 hours a year working, which equates to about 7 minutes per day. 

This has a strong effect on society. These disengaged men live without hope or purpose in their lives. Michael Cook quotes Princeton economist Alan Kreuger as saying these men "derive relatively little meaning from their daily activities (Cook, 2016)." Consequently, they "experience low levels of emotional well-being (Cook, 2016)." Gary Halbert of quotes the author of Men Without Work, Nicholas Eberstadt, as saying this has "exacerbated family breakdown, promoted welfare dependence and recast ‘disability’ into a viable alternative lifestyle." This lack of interest in work and this reliance on government assistance is observed by younger men and young boys, which means this attitude could be passed on to the next generation. Mr. Eberstadt goes on to say that this lack of participation in the work force is leading to a slower economy, budget pressures, and ultimately a higher national debt and an increase in poverty across the United States.

This is a line of dominoes that is slowly, quietly building, and we need to tear it down. America would be so different today if these non-working men were active and held paying jobs. They would be engaged in their communities, and would feel a sense of pride in their contributions. There wouldn't be as much need for government assistance, which would ease the burden on the national budget. These men would feel a sense of purpose for their lives, and most importantly, they would be passing on a solid work ethic to the next generation.

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Gerhard Kramer is Founder of Church Job Fairs. A Nonprofit offering the dignity of employment by connecting job candidates and employers in empowering local community environments.

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    Brendan Scott Johnson (Friday, 21 July 2017 21:21)

    Hello im Brendan and i have autism and im 25 without a job but i have SSDI.why should i work when i have tried to get a job when there is no one wants me for the reason i have autism and it would take time for me to learn the job that will take more time than a normal person. what would you do? i get $735 a month

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