New Recruiting Tactics in the New Year

The new year is approaching and with it comes a determination to make 2017 a better year than the last.

The new year is swiftly approaching and with it comes a determination to make 2017 a better year than the last. Personal New Year’s Resolutions may not appeal to you, but you can use this time to make changes to improve your company’s performance and reach.

As you evaluate your company’s yearly performance, take a look at your recruiting tactics. How difficult has it been to find qualified candidates? Do you attend job fairs or do you only recruit online? We have put together the following tips to help you give your recruiting a new start in 2017.



New Audiences

As you evaluate your recruiting tactics, track the success of each recruiting channel. Compare the responses you receive, the candidate quality, and overall cost. If you aren’t finding the right job seekers through one recruiting method, try recruiting in a new audience. Attend a job fair at a nearby college or new location. Advertise in a local magazine that targets a different group of people than one you have used before.

Now, we’re not saying to advertise in a cooking magazine if you run an accounting firm. Instead, reach out to new, relevant audiences. Job advertising that only reaches the same audiences year after year will likely not recruit enough potential candidates to be worth the cost.

New Locations

Many job fairs and recruiting events are held at the same locations, year after year. These events often see the same employers, attending regularly and hoping to meet new candidates. Unfortunately, this recruiting tactic is rarely successful. Just as the same companies attend every year, many of the same job seekers visit as well. 

With our church job fairs, we hold events in multiple churches through Southern California. Each event attracts a new crowd, allowing employers to meet potential candidates from many experiences and places.

Rather than wasting time and money at the same places, register for other recruiting events. Visit new job fairs in your area or niche events throughout the country. Expand your candidate pool and see how many new recruits you can find. 

New People

When you attend career fairs or other recruiting events, it is common practice to send job recruiters. These people are usually trained specifically to deal with job candidates, but they may not be the best representatives for every event. 

If your company is attending a career fair for salespeople or a seminar for engineers, you should send one of your top salespeople or engineers to speak with recruits. These representatives can answer specific questions about job responsibilities and inner department workings, giving job seekers an accurate picture of employment with your company.

Choose the team members in each department who will best represent your company and hold a recruitment training session. Boost your recruiting team with other employees to best reach potential candidates and show that you care about their time and specific needs.




Gerhard Kramer is Founder of Church Job Fairs. A Nonprofit offering the dignity of employment by connecting job candidates and employers in empowering local community environments.